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Delhi horror! Teenager kills two-month-old son over wife's affair, confesses crime after arrest

Delhi Mangolpuri murder , Delhi father kills son, teenager kills baby The incident came to light on Saturday, around 5.10 pm, when a two-month-old boy was brought to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital by his mother. (Representational image, PTI)

Delhi police arrested a teenager for allegedly killing his two-month-old infant in outer Delhi’s Mangolpuri on Saturday evening as he suspected that the child was born out of her wife’s illicit affair.

The father of the child rained punches on him, the police said. The mother of the child is also a minor. The two had got married 10 months ago, police said.

“The incident came to light on Saturday, around 5.10 pm, when a two-month-old boy was brought to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital by his mother. He succumbed to his injuries dur ing treatment,” The Indian Express quoted a senior police officer as saying.

The girl had gone to Palika Bazar to look for a job of a salesgirl leaving the infant behind with her husband. When she returned, she found the baby lying motionless and her husband was nowhere to be seen.

The child was declared brought dead by hospital authorities. Then, the authorities informed the local police, who rushed to the spot. They spoke to the mother, who told them her husband had killed the child.

“She claimed he had a heated argument with her on Saturday afternoon. She works as a domestic help and left for work soon afterward. She alleged he started slapping and kicking their son and fled the spot once the child died,” an officer was quoted as saying.

On the basis of the girl’s statement, a case was registered against her husband under Indian Penal Code Section 302 at Mangolpuri police station. The accused was apprehended from his hideout following a raid, p olice said.

After sustained questioning by the police, the teenager confessed to the crime and said he suspected his wife of having an affair.

He had earlier been apprehended in several cases of mobile snatching and was currently unemployed.

In a similar incident, a mentally disturbed woman allegedly decapitated her eight-month-old son’s and mutilated his body in outer Delhi’s Aman Vihar on the intervening night of April 19 and 20.

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6 stunning beaches in Israel that everyone must visit once in their lives

6 stunning beaches in Israel that everyone must visit once in their lives

Beaches in Israel are sure to mesmerise you with breathtaking sunsets. What’s more, you can even indulge in water sports, laze around with a beer, or just party hard. There’s something for everyone.

travel Updated: Apr 22, 2018 10:51 IST Asian News International, New Delhi Hilton Beach is one of the best beaches in Tel Aviv. Hilton Beach is one of the best beaches in Tel Aviv.(Shutterstock)

Israel is blessed with a beautiful coastline which is clearly visible in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. Windsurf in crystal clear waters, enjoy some beach sundowner parties, capture breathtaking pictures or relax for a perfect tan on the finest beaches; there isn’t a better way to spend your holiday in Israel. Best times to visit are the months of April to May and September to October when the weather is mostly mild and pleasant.

Some of the best beaches in Israel are:

- Hilton Beach

Head to Hilton beach, rated as one of the most photogenic beaches of Israel for a gorgeous sunset and a fun surfing experience. One can also go for a leisure walk to the scenic Frishman beach close by or stroll on Tayelet, a beautiful promenade.

- Banana Beach

Banana beach has the right mix of tranquillity and fun. With a multitude of activities for tourists like surfboarding and windsurfing, this beach is a perfect place to unwind or tap along the beats of the drummers. Friday evening is the right time to visit when tourists assemble for dancing and drum circles session.

With a multitude of activities for tourists like surfboarding and windsurfing, Banana beach is a perfect place to unwind or tap along the beats of the drummers. (Shutterstock)

- Gordon Beach

When in Israel, go to Gordon for its amazing stretch of white sand and pristine blue waters. Grab a few beer cans and relax on the beach, go for a boat ride or hit the dance floor till the sun calls it a day. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Go to Gordon for its amazing stretch of white sand and pristine blue waters. (Shutterstock)

- Ajami Beach

Have a hummus break at Abu Hassan’s before heading out to the historical Ajami beach near Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv. The historic Maronic church, lively beach area, re stored limestone palaces and beachside promenades are too much of a delight making your trip to the beach momentous. Moreover, the narrow alleys leading up to the beach make for a pleasant walk.

- Palmachim Beach

Palmachim in Tel Aviv is a picturesque beach with a laid-back vibe and low cliffs towards the south end making it an ideal location for those perfect beach photos. One of the quieter beaches of Israel, one can enjoy a private experience of paddling, sunbathing and other water sports activities.

- Beit Yannai Beach

Magical spectacles are created where rivers mingle with the sea. Something similar happens at Beit Yannai, another popular and breathtaking beach located at a half hour drive from Tel Aviv. Eucalyptus grove and ancient ruins are a wonderful attraction nearby while one can indulge in Kitesurfing, camping by the beach and a day out with soft-shelled turtles. Known for its serenity, Beit Yannai is also a popular nature reserve with rich wildli fe around.

Beit Yannai, a popular and breathtaking beach, is located at a half hour drive from Tel Aviv. (Shutterstock)

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Slain Hamas member's family trying to bring him back to Gaza for burial

Photo: EPAFadi AlbatshPhoto: EPA

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The family of Palestinian electrical engineer Fadi Albatsh, a Hamas member who was assassinated in Malaysia on Saturday, has been trying to bring his body back to the Gaza Strip for burial amid objections from Israel.

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"His father contacted us and expressed his hope to bury him in his hometown, Jabalia," said Dr. Mahmoud Shakfa, the general manager of the International Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (IESCO), where Albatsh taught.

"His family membersâ€"father, mother, and siblingsâ€"have not seen him for the past seven years. Upon the family members' request, the embassies of Palestine and Egypt in Malaysia are arranging and coordinating to facilitate the procedure, it may take two to three days," he told the New Straight Times.

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Preparations were being made to bury Albatsh at the Batu Muda Muslim Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, but the plan has been put on hold in light of the family's wishes.

Albatsh's family members (Photo: Reuters)Albatsh's family members In Israel, the Goldin family, whose son Lt. Hadar Goldin was killed in Gaza and captured by Hamas, demanded the government not to allow the return of Albatsh's body to Gaza for burial. The family turned to POW and MIA coordinator Yaron Blum, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, and the Prime Minister's Military Secretary Brig. Gen. Eliezer Toledano, arguing that as long as Hamas was holding Lt. Goldin and Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul's bodies, as well as two living Israeli civilians, it cannot be allowed to bring Albatsh's body back to the strip. The family noted that the mourners' tent set up in Gaza shows Hamas wishes to hold a large, public funeral for Albatsh. Mourners' tent erected in Gaza for Albatsh (Photo: AP)Mourners' tent erected in Gaza for Albatsh Education Mi nister Naftali Bennett echoed the family's sentiments, writing on Twitter: "We must not allow for a member of Hamas's military wing, Fadi Albatsh, who was killed in Malaysia, to be brought to Gaza for burial, before the release of the bodies of Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, so they could be brought for burial in Israel. I'll raise this demand with the prime minister."
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JULY 14 poll: I am leaving Abuja for my 'unfinished business' in Ekiti â€" Fayemi

By Olalekan Bilesanmi

Penultimate Saturday, Ado-Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti State, was literally shut down for the Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi. Thousands of indigenes, mostly members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), stormed the premises of St Michael’s Primary School, Ajilosun as Fayemi declared his intention to vie for the July 14 governorship election in the state.

Ahead of the rally, the declaration had been the talk of the town as glossy campaign posters announcing the event dotted major parts of Ekiti.

The former governor had the previous week travelled across the 16 local government areas of the state, meeting with APC leaders and stakeholders at ward and local government levels.

And at the quarterly meeting of the Ekiti APC leaders held at his Isan Ekiti country home on April 2, the minister had also spoken of his plan to run for governor again on the platform of the APC.

That Saturday, Ado-Ekiti came alive quite early. As early as 7am, APC members, from different parts of the state, started arriving the state capital in large numbers. The members all donned T-shirts announcing Fayemi’s intention to return to the Government House.

Around midday, Fayemi, accompanied by his wife, Bisi, and thousands of his supporters, began the six-kilometre trek from the Fajuyi Roundabout to the APC Secretariat, also in Ajilosun. It was a carnival-like atmosphere, with the accompaniment of music and dancing as the train meandered its way through the different routes. By then, the thick gridlock had stretched to the Ijigbo Roundabout. Vehicular movement was greatly hampered, and even commerc ial motorbikes found commuting a herculean endeavour.

By 1pm, getting to the venue had become an uphill task for motorists, motorbike operators and even pedestrians. The premises of St Michaels had become filled, and the crowd had spilled over to the main Ikere Road as well as the side streets in the area. But slowly, Fayemi and his associates made their way through the crowd into the APC Secretariat where the minister met with the waiting party leaders. He explained to the leaders that he was holding the rally to announce his intention to run for the party’s ticket in the governorship poll.

While the crowd awaited Fayemi, the atmosphere at the venue of the rally was vivacious.

A loud din reverberated through the area when Fayemi arrived at the premises of St Michael’s Primary School, accompanied by some party leaders in the state. He walked straight to the podium and exchanged pleasantries with the dignitaries, party leaders and journalists already seated. Fuji Star, Sulaimon Adio Atawewe, who had been thrilling the audience just before Fayemi’s arrival, paused as the minister offered his salutations to the crowd in Ekiti dialect.

Donning a branded white T-shirt proclaiming ‘JKF for Governor’ atop a pair of blue jeans, the former governor expressed gratitude to the crowd for their love and support.

“They said APC was dead in Ekiti, but now they know better,” he taunted, as the crowd cheered.

He then launched into why he was offering himself for service yet again, employing English and Yoruba as well as Ekiti dialect to make his point.

He said even though he was having a fantastic time in Abuja as a minister trusted by his principal the president, he was seeking to return to the Government House in Ado-Ekiti because h e had unfinished business in the state. He regretted that the current administration in Ekiti was a disaster.

Fayemi lamented that there was nothing to show for the several billions of naira that had accrued to the state during the tenure of the Fayose administration.

“Fayose collected bail-out funds, Paris Club refund, took loans and, yet, he refused to pay workers. Today, civil servants are owed salaries of between six and ten months; teachers, local government workers are owed at least six to ten months. Pensioners are being owed. You don’t pay their parents, and you still ask even primary school students to pay”, the minister said.

“All the employment and poverty alleviation programmes that we instituted, he cancelled. We had the Social Security Programme for the Elderly under which 25, 000 vulnerable people were paid N5, 000 per month; he cancelled. Our Peace Corps scheme under which 800 youths were employed was scrapped and those youths thrown out of jobs. The special allowances for teachers in rural areas, he stopped. The only thing he does is to abuse President Buhari everyday; yet, Buhari still gives him bailout funds to pay workers. But he doesn’t even pay the workers. The only thing he’s doing is to build a bridge to nowhere. It is only in Ekiti that I’ve seen a governor building a bridge to nowhere”.

He also spoke about the N25 billion bond taken by his administration. The funds, he said, were used to resuscitate the moribund Ire Bricks Industry, rebuild Ikogosi Warm Springs, build the 12, 000 capacity Ekiti State Pavillion, construct many verifiable roads across the state, and build a brand new Government House, among other projects. He said he had already repaid about N14 billion of the money before he left power. He regretted that Fayose had abandoned all the projects, noting that Ikogosi had become dilapidated.

“Today, besides all the money our friend has collected, he has also borrowed over N56 billion. Yet he doesn’t tell you that.”

Fayemi also informed that the present administration slashed the salaries of traditional rulers, and had not paid the new rates in ten months.

The minister also recalled that there was not a single community in the state that was not touched by his administration. He asserted that he did at least one or two projects in each community in the state during his tenure.

He faulted the state government’s White Paper purportedly banning him from holding elective position in the state for ten years, noting that the paper was far worthless than a tissue paper. While asserting that the Supreme Court had already resolved such matters, Fayemi informed that the bank in question as well as the traditional ruler, a one-time chief judge who chaired the panel of enquiry had said that no money was missing from any bank. Fayemi then issued Fayose a dramatic red card.

“We will do everything that is required to win Ekiti bac k. The PDP government in Ekiti knows their time is up and that is why they are jittery and resorting to all manners of pranks. They are now dangling their White Paper. Their White Paper is nothing but a tissue paper. That is why we must tell the man who is shouting around that he has a White Paper, we have a red card for him and his party. We will ensure that he will end up in jail.”

Fayemi said each aspirant on the APC platform would perform far better as governor than Fayose, assuring that the aspirants would work for whoever got the party’s nod to run for governor in July.


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