Netizen 24 ZAF: 'Exceptional' ticket sales leading up to $32 million Powerball draw

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'Exceptional' ticket sales leading up to $32 million Powerball draw

Punters who have a Lotto ticket for tonight's draw could win $32 million - the largest jackpot on offer so far this year.

The jackpot would also be the third-largest Powerball prize ever won in New Zealand, if it was won by a single player.

The two largest wins were a $44 million ticket sold in November 2016 in Dairy Flat, and a $33 million ticket sold in Ponsonby in Auckland in September 2013.

Lotto NZ's corporate communications manager Emilia Mazur said ticket sales were going "exceptionally well" leading up to tonight's draw.

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She encouraged anyone still planning on buying a ticket not to leave it to the last minute, and instead get in early to avoid a queue.

"There's a real buzz in our stores with more people coming in to be in with a chance to win the big prize," sh e said.

Mazur was expecting ticket sales would reach one million before 7.30pm this evening.

Lotto has released a list of extravagant things you could do with the $32 million - after paying off the mortgage of course.

They include:
• Chowing down on the world's most expensive dessert (a $1.65m diamond-encrusted fruitcake) while listening to Lorde perform some tunes in your backyard ($300,000).

• Have all the smashed avocado you could want by buying an avocado orchard in Katikati for $1.2 million.

• How about the chance to name a beach in Auckland? A 7.65-hectare clifftop property in Waiwera has just come up for sale including access to a 450-metre unnamed beach. This slice of paradise could be yours for $15 million.

• Why not give someone the gift of independence and sponsor the breeding, training and raising of a guide dog for just $22,500.

• Buy a street and make all yo ur friends your next-door neighbours. "Millionaire's Lane", has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

• Love theme parks but hate the lines? Why not buy your own rollercoaster for around $2 million.

• Maybe a tropical island in the South Pacific is more your thing? You could buy Katafanga Island in Fiji for $24 million - you'll be all ready to go with a runway, water and power infrastructure.

• After winning Powerball you might feel like you could float into space, but why not actually go there? You could book a seat on a Virgin Galactic flight for just $345,000

• Put your money where your mouth is and give Dunedin's chocolate factory fundraising effort a boost. Match the already $2 million raised by the New Zealand public to keep chocolate being made in the south.

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