Netizen 24 ZAF: Penang to pay funeral expenses of MCA man's family members

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Penang to pay funeral expenses of MCA man's family members

Tanjung MCA Youth chief Lim Swee Bok’s grief in losing entire family in dawn blaze touches the hearts of political friends and foes.

lim-guan-eng-Swee-Bok’sGEORGE TOWN: The Penang government will pay the funeral expenses of MCA Tanjung division youth chief Lim Swee Bok’s four family members who perished in a fire this morning.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said he was very shocked and saddened by the incident as Swee Bok lost his mother, wife and two young children.

“This is something so tragic, can you imagine losing your entire family just like that? I cannot describe how sad I am for him.

“Swee Bok’s father had died two weeks ago. Now, the only other person left in his family is his brother. We are so saddened by his loss,” Guan Eng told reporters here today.

Swee Bok appeared to be in shock as he greeted and embraced Guan Eng and his executive councillors.

In the 6am tragedy, Swee Bok’s terrace house in Pintasan Cecil 5 in Cecil St Ghaut caught fire, killing his mother Lau Sai Poh, 62, wife Chen Yen, 35, son Lim Yin Chun, 9, and daughter Lim Jia Yiin, 8.

Swee Bok, a factory supervisor, was working on the midnight shift at the time of the fire.

Guan Eng said the state government had given Lim RM3,500 as a “condolence contribution” and another RM2,000 was given by Pengkalan Kota assemblyman Lau Keng Ee.

Earlier, Penang MCA chairman Tan Teik Cheng shed tears when he embraced Swee Bok to offer his condolences.

Penang opposition leader Jahara Hamid said the deaths of Swee Bok’s family members were felt by the entire Barisan Nasional leadership in the state.

She offered her condolences and urged Swee Bok to stay strong and steadfast during these trying times, she told FMT.

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