Netizen 24 ZAF: Jeremy Corbyn puts himself on the back foot at PMQs

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Jeremy Corbyn puts himself on the back foot at PMQs

Today’s Prime Minister’s Questions ran along such familiar lines that it almost felt like a glitch in the Matrix. Jeremy Corbyn decided to peg his oft-asked questions about the NHS to Stephen Hawking’s death, pointing out that the world-famous scientist was also a passionate defender of the health service.

As usual, those questions weren’t great. You’d think that given the amount of practice the Labour leader has had in asking questions about healthcare in this session, he might have worked out how to do it. But instead he offered a mix of case studies and general questions about funding that allowed Theresa May to glide through the exchanges and also to bring up not just the NHS in Wales but also Labour’s handling of the Mid-Staffs scandal. One of his case studies actually left Corbyn on the defensive: he had to explain in his following question that the reason he hadn’t written to the Prime Minister about a case he had previously raised was that it had already been resolved. This rather undermined his choice to reference this case again today.

It would help if Corbyn went into a Prime Minister’s Questions with an aim for an NHS-themed session that went beyond merely raising the NHS. Otherwise he will merely provoke the same answers from May involving Wales and streams of figures about doctor recruitment which manage to keep the topic rather stagnant, rather than increase its urgency.

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